Yes please!


Makeup can do wonders for the partially and/or fully hairless. 

Anti-clockwise from bottom: 
1. MAC Liquid Eyeliner
Thick colour, thin brush. Perfect for patching up eyelash gaps. 

2. Benefit gimmeBROW Brow-Enhancing Fibre Gel 
This is my all-time favourite makeup product maybe ever. A mascara for your eyebrows, making them appear thicker and more natural. I use it after an eyebrow pencil to make them look less ‘pencil-y.’

3. Clinique Lash Power Mascara 
A really simple mascara, but perfect for thin eyelashes, like mine. Also it is water-resistant, but comes off easily with warm water.

4. MAC Lingering Eyebrow Pencil
My saving grace. I don’t know how I ever lived without it! When used lightly, this beauty will help cover gaps, whilst helping you look polished to perfection.

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Two weeks :)


I made it to a week! It hasn’t felt like seven days, and it definitely hasn’t been easy, but I have put my hope and joy in the One to whom time does not apply. Let’s see what He continues to do :)


something small yet very meaningful.

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Recovery update:

The last two days have been harder than I thought they would be, but He has given me the strength to remain pull-free.

Anyone else recently starting recovery?

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Here we go, y’all.

Today I’m going to make it my number one goal to start recovery. I’ve been having some real issues with trich lately, and I’ve been pretty angry with God. HOWEVER, the Man tends to know what He’s doing, so I’m surrendering all to Him and pushing for this. I want it for myself, but I’m doing it so that He can work through me.

I surrender all. It is well with my soul.

Keep you posted :)

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Can the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breaking heart?
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